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BOTW Interview: Daughn Gibson

Listening to Me Moan, the second album from Pennsylvania’s Daughn Gibson, and hearing the titular vocalist’s husky baritone, it’s hard not to imagine an imposing, brooding statue of a singer. When Notion’s Alex Cull met the man behind the growl in a dingy East London pub, he instead



BOTW Tips: Daughn Gibson

When Daughn Gibson sat down with Notion’s Alex Cull for a beer in a dimly lit, backwater London pub, the surprisingly sunny Pennsylvanian was armed to the teeth with recommendations of weird and wonderful music tips. Here, we run down a selection of Gibson’s favourite thrift store finds and connoisseur’s



Introducing our BOTW: Daughn Gibson

Possessed with one of the most distinctive baritones around, Pennsylvania’s Josh Martin – aka Daughn Gibson – continues to pursue the darker side of somnambulist, prairie stormers on his second full-length, Me Moan, out today on Sub Pop. The only difference is that this time around he’s brought …