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The Society of the Golden Slippers: A Secret Gig

Featuring Robert Vincent, Sweet Billy Pilgrim and Hazlitt

Monday, March 19th, 2012

I nearly passed by the venue as it was hidden down and around and up inside 67 Dean Street in Soho. I noticed a discreet flyer on a door down a set of wrought-iron stairs and …



Exclusive: Premiere of Beaty Heart’s debut EP

After months in the studio honing their ‘psychedelic drum pop’, South East London three-piece Beaty Heart is releasing their debut EP entitled ‘Slush Puppy/Cola’. Sounds delish already, oui?  

So in just a few weeks you’ll be able to nab yourself a copy of the video-art and music savvy fellas’ distinctive …



The Dø: Slippery Slope – Video & Free Download

Since bagging a number 1 album with their debut, A Mouthful, this French/Finnish duo have their sights set on the UK and beyond. The Dø have been kind enough to offer the beautiful Slippery Slope from their forthcoming album Both Ways Open Jaws, (scheduled for release through Village Green on …