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Hey Carl, Can We Be in Your Band Please?

On New Year’s Eve, presumably following one too many bottles of ye old honesty juice, he of the Libertines/Dirty Pretty Things fame, Mr. Carl Barat, announced to NME that he didn’t “want to be a solo artist anymore.” After necking another bottle of Merlot, Mr. Barat continued: “I want the



Album Review: Splashh – Comfort

For a band that have moved so quickly and produced a handful of faultless singles in the process, the wait for Splashh’s debut album has felt like a long one.

For those who have been trying to keep up with Splashh, just a third of Comfort will provide new …



What Happened To…Pete Doherty

Guys! Pete Doherty is back! And while it may not be The Libertines reunion we have all been longing for, the mere trickling of Pete’s strained vocals from the Babyshambles camp is enough to send a rush of blood to my head. I’m not talking about a rock-star-come-drug-addict intoxication, this …


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New Fashion Photography 2: LaRoache Brothers

In today’s feature on “New Fashion Photography” (Prestel), we speak to the LaRoache Brothers.

Photographing together as the LaRoache Brothers, the work of unconventional duo Wolfgang Mustain and Laurence Edney has appeared in Esquire, Dazed & Confused, Interview, and 215. The pair have