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Office Mad Ting: Socrates X Micachu

At the end of 2009, up popped a video on Youtube and, frankly, it was the best video-song combo of the year. ‘Fine’ was a collab between wonky pop genius Micachu and grime boys Brother May and Baker Trouble: a filthy, addictive, raging track that’s all impossible scuzzy guitar riffs …


jazz giants 9

GQ’s Jazz Giants Portraits Prove You’re Not Cool

We mean what we say in that title: these boys flexing fits like you never bopped, son. The shame.

Ron Carter

Charles Lloyd

Wayne Shorter

Herbie Hancock

Chick Corea

Roy Ayers

McCoy Turner

See the full list at GQ



Issue 58 Feature: Becoming Real

A photo-story set in Toby Ridler’s live-work space in the famous Cable Street Studios; and a conversation concerning his revelatory, beautiful electronica. Taken from Notion Magazine Issue 58.

“There was something about using music as a sculptural form,” Toby Ridler is saying. “It was just something about working in …