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Musogyny: Should lyrics lead the way?

Everyone knows it’s a man’s world out there (thanks James Brown) but there is none more so than the big bad world of music. From Miley’s twerking to Sinead’s slut shaming, these last months have seen an upward trajectory in the debate around gender issues within music. Rest assured that



BOTW Moodboard: Young Galaxy

Our BOTW, Canadian five-piece Young Galaxy, has just dropped their fourth full-length album, Ultramarine. Their sound is unique, inventive, and brilliant, all qualities that set us thinking, “What’s trending with Young Galaxy these days?” The artists have provided us with this insightful moodboard, explaining the art, music, literature,



Songs for the Week #3

Torches – Sky Blue & Ivory
This is Torches’ debut single but you’d never guess. They have seemingly arrived fully formed, enveloping you in their gothically menacing and ominous brand of rock and creating a sparse and intriguing sound. Frontman Charlie Drinkwater’s baritone vocals are front and centre and through …


When Saints Go Machine, Press shots 2011

Download: Planningtorock – Living It Out (When Saints Go Machine Mix)

Today’s undeniably a cause for celebration with all these freebies we’re chucking at you left, right and centre. So adding to your collection of MPFrees is When Saints Go Machine’s beautifully hypnotic remix of the Bolton-born, Berlin-based musician and visual artist Planningtorock.

Translating their wonderfully confusing future-disco dynamic to the …


new build

Download: New Build – ‘Finding Reasons’

Now we all love a super group, right? Well boy oh boy today’s free download is a luscious treat that comes in the form of New Build, who you may also known as Al Doyle, Felix Martin – of Hot Chip – and Tom Hopkins – of LCD Soundsystem fame.…



Plan To Purchase Planningtorock

So as y’all should know, issue 54 of Notion is now out! Woohoo! Indeed you may be perusing its lovely pages as we speak, and if you are, you also might have seen our interview with Planningtorock. If you haven’t then you most definitely should. Put it down on your …


N54 COVER_Page_1crop


After the major-glamour of our September Fashion Issue, we’ve decided to fulfil an editorial dream with this issue. We’re print fetishists at Notion (we wouldn’t make a magazine if we weren’t), and yet we spend our lives online: but how would our favourite online talents deal with working within the …



Review: Lovebox Sunday

So after the weekend’s mud, rain and indulgences at Victoria Park’s Lovebox and this week’s crack-like Murdoch & Brooks interviews it’s taken us a few days to get our heads in a place where we’re not glued to Twitter/the floor.

While several of our team hit rainy East London across …



Review: Planningtorock- ‘W’

When opening track ‘Doorway’ began playing off of Planningtorock’s sophomore album W, I stopped believing there was any chance this was a female voice that was taking me to such a musical dungeon. However, after some pure investigative journalism I found that it is indeed Bolton born Janine Rostron. …



Planning to Rock? She Already Is.

Planningtorock, also known as Janine Rostron, is an energetic fusion of music and visual art, known across the world where she’s performed at gig venues and art events. She’s also collaborated with The Knife and Mt Sims on the opera score for Tomorrow, in a Year. Her music is darkly …