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New Track: Jungle – ‘The Heat’

Washing ashore on a wave of retweets, reblogs and various other methods of re-prefixed social media sharing, elusive London duo Jungle returned to us last night with ice-cool – don’t let its title fool you – second single ‘The Heat‘. As sirens ring out in the background, funk-tinged …



New Track: Jungle – ‘Drops’

By now it’s no secret that I love Jungle. Instantly enraptured by the band’s first track ‘Platoon‘ and the killer music video to accompany it, the other side of their debut AA serves only to intensify my initial infatuation. Said track is ‘Drops’ – a number more …


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Video: Jungle – ‘Platoon’

OH. MY. GOD. So many reasons why this video needs to go viral. It came out today to accompany Jungle‘s latest single ‘Platoon‘, which I’ve already said lots of crazy fangirl things about, and finally explains the adorbs child who appears on the band’s only press image. …


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Introducing: Jungle

YES. I’ve just listened to Jungle‘s new single ‘Platoon’ for what’s probably the seventh time in a row. Just… Yes. Completely enigmatic and almost impossible to Google, I thought this band was going to be difficult to write an ‘introducing’ piece about. But then I listened to ‘Platoon’ …