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Youth Lagoon releases video for ‘Raspberry Cane’

Youth Lagoon, or Trevor Powers to those who will know him personally, has just released the artistic video his latest single, ‘Raspberry Cane’. The clip is beautifully directed by Stephen McNally, and the shots are edited to marry the beat of the track. Powers describes “becoming more fascinated with …


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Pop Musik #6

Ok, I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking – This week hasn’t been a great week for pop music. To put that statement into perspective for you, Katie “Jordan” Price’s cage-fighting, cross-dressing, Celebrity Big Brother-winning ex Alex Reid not only announced an impending single release, but has also …


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Pop Musik #2

Our fave pop music fanatic is back! Columnist @JackDMurphy proves that last week’s prediction about Adele v2.0 (AKA Leanne Mitchell) was correct, draws our eye to yet another case of Simon Cowell being financially frivolous, and gives his opinion on all the Azealia drama.

I don’t like to say …