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BEAUTIFY: Brush Up On Basics

“3 minutes is all beauty should ever take” is the new mantra at Estee Lauder. Guilty of applying  on the go, we now intend to spare three minutes of beautifying amongst our morning routines.

Estee Lauder, clearly in touch with makeup habits of today, have developed a complimentary ‘3 Minute …



BEAUTIFY: FREE Crème de la Mer (Well, kind of)

Ever dreamed of having a Crème de la Mer pot on your beauty stand? No doubt it’s the dream of many- the luxury and science behind the famous brand and it’s unique Miracle Broth are the stuff of dreams. But the price, oh the price. A dream you can only …


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BEAUTIFY: Care Bear Hair

Every hipster on Instagram has it and it’s not letting up. Rainbow hued sure hair has some staying power. Bleach London is the go-to salon that started in Dalston (and now has also set up camp in the flagship Topshop) for those who take ’do inspiration from a pack of …



Joe Brummell #57 – Off the Wahl!

To be hirsute is both a curse and a blessing. Some people hate beards and moustaches, some people love them. Plenty of men have made a career out of them. But body hair is a different and much more divisive issue – hairy chests are like marmite. On the other …




When you walk into an Aesop store you feel like you’ve just entered into a skincare laboratory. Brown bottles full of potions fill the walls, and there is even a huge vintage sink- ready to test products out in.

Based on botanicals and science, Aesop was established in Melbourne, Australia …



BEAUTIFY: Let’s get Radical

It’s cold. The heating is on timer. And half the time it’s raining.

Welcome to a British winter time. And welcome back to dry, lifeless skin that comes with the territory.

What we need is a radical shake up- and here it comes in the form of Radical Skincare’s new …


Ren Feature

Joe Brummell #37 – Ren

So this week Notion’s Editor thought he’d have a go at guesting on Joe Brummell. But DO NOT BE ALARMED. Normal service will be resumed next week. For now, read on…

It’s far too easy to get into a morning routine with shaving. Especially if you’re running late, there’s always …



Joe Brummell #36 – Best Foot Forward

I won’t bore you with the depressing reality of British summers, because regardless of the actual weather we Brits love nothing more than dressing for summer anyway, who cares if it’s raining? A fleeting burst of sunlight will have plenty of people running to the park in shorts and flip …


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Joe Brummell #35 – Beardsley

If you were thinking this post was about Peter Beardsley, or how to get the Peter Beardsley look, then you’ll be disappointed. Although I’m pretty sure demand for Peter Beardsley style tips is pretty low, no offence Peter. Beardsley happens to be a new shampoo and conditioner brand that has …



Joe Brummell #34 – Taylor Taylor

I think it might be the same for everyone, but there was a time when I thought I was the only person who had trouble finding a good hairdresser. Even if you do find one you like, usually (no more than a few appointments in) you call the salon, only …