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Ada + Nik: a dark matter menswear brand with a 70s punk twist

The identifier, ‘ancient ideals of masculinity fused with pre-industrial  silhouettes and the spirit of 70′s Punk’, is a testament to the intellect and social consciousness driving emerging London menswear brand, Ada+Nik. In less than a year, Ada Zanditon and Nik Thakkar have established an international rapport for pioneering their independent, …


river island 30 pounds

Trending: Tartan

I have this association with tartan that goes way back. When I was about seven my Mother liked to dress me and my sister alike from time to time and we had matching red and black tartan dresses with layered skirts that we just loved, looking somewhat like a Rod …



Shoot: London Grunge

Feast your eyes on this rebellious shoot, styled by the talented Holly Ounstead, and shot by Elliott Morgan. The collection of exclusive images channel a dark romantic grunge aesthetic with a youthful under streak to provide a us with this set of beautiful punk shots.

Alex wears – Tee: Maje



Album Review: Gallows – Gallows

Having gone through controversial change, Gallows are firmly back doing what it is they do best. Now long lost from the sights of a major label, their third record – aptly self-titled – affirms the band’s unity, sense of identity and ultimate awareness of direction.

To many people, Frank Carter …



Hevy Festival 2012 – Review

When a festival tailors its lineup to your primary genre preference, offers its tickets at a crazy-cheap price compared to the market big guns, organises its acts to avoid any form of performance clash and even throws in animal park access for free, you have to wonder what on earth …



Introducing: Tragik

Tragik is the latest Tumbr-famouz musician to cause a stir on the internet. I was introduced to her by another of my new favourite artists, Syron – and after doing some research, I’m in agreement with Sy that Lady Trag is pretty s-s-s-sick! Her sound and style straddles punk mentality …



BOTW Interview: The Chapman Family

Pop and Kingsley talk about the implications of sporadic line-up changes, tell us why they hate Britain, and generally give astounding amounts of paragraphical evidence for being possibly the most politically frustrated musicians we’ve ever interviewed. ANGRY! REFRESHING! CONTROVERSIAL! INSPIRING!

Hey dudes. You’ve had a pretty crazy ride since way


Relentless Energy DrinkÔÇÖs Apple & Kiwi official launch_NIKKI BEATNIK4_30-05-12_lr

Relentless Energy Drink Apple and Kiwi Launch @ Punk

A few weeks back, Relentless Energy Drinks celebrated the launch of their new flavour, Apple and Kiwi, with a fantastic party at Punk in Soho, featuring a set from DJ Nikki Beatnik.

Nikki Beatnik curated the exclusive launch of Relentless Energy Drinks’ ‘Apple & Kiwi’ flavour. For more, check out …



BOTW Interview: Bleached

New Music Editor, Bronya Francis, caught up with our Band Of The Week, Bleached, a few weeks ago and talked about ‘90s music, couch surfing, fast food and, um, bleaching shit.

What’s one fact that no one knows about you guys?
Jen: Jessie and I used to be really obsessed …



Shambalans Say: “Find Your Inner Animal”

Remember when we spoke to our mates at Shambala music festival a while back? (if not, here’s something to refresh your memory). Well, don’t ask us how, but since then the conversation has turned in a dramatically different direction to the usual what-is-happening-to-the-state-of-the-music-biz chatter. Shamanic workshop anyone?

Fifteen years …