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Interview: Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs is the archetype for slow-burn success. It’s been ten years since the Indiana-born rapper released his debut mixtape ‘Full Metal Jacket’, and since then he’s been relentless, furnishing his fans with regular mixtapes and EPs.  Moving from Indiana to Los Angeles, Gibbs continued to put out vast quantities



Issue 66: Joey Bada$$ “Young American” Feature

Jo-Vaughn Scott, AKA Joey Bada$$, is in Brooklyn, on the phone to me. And it’s quite exciting. Hailed as one of New York’s brightest talents, the rapper found himself compared to Biggie and Nas before he’d even entered legal adulthood. Lesser artists may have crumbled under comparable pressure, but Joey



New track: Angel Haze – ‘Echelon (It’s My Way)’

‘Echelon (It’s My Way)’ is the first single to be taken from hip-hop star, Angel Haze‘s debut album Dirty Gold. This insanely propulsive hip-hop summer jam showcases her underrated sense of fun, as she raps recklessly over the hard hitting beats. 2012 saw Haze release Reservation, technically …



The most definitive moments in grime

To mark the release of Jammer’s upcoming album Living The Dream, we asked the grime artist (Boy Better Know, Lord of the Mics) what have been the most definitive moments of the genre he helped pioneer:

When P Diddy wanted to do a grime tune.

For iconic figures coming in



Interview: Shystie

As one of Britain’s first female grime emcees, Shystie cut her teeth the good old fashioned way. Pirate radio, shopping demos and existing in a world previously dominated by men have all contributed to her grime veteran’s badge. After a long hiatus to pursue other avenues; acting, walking the runways



Introducing: RDGLDGRN

It seems that pretty much everyone wants a piece of Washington DC based trio RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red Gold Green) at the moment. It all started with the acclaimed release of their up-tempo indie/hip-hop single ‘I Love Lamp’ late last year, which not only caused plenty of excitement via that thing …



New Track: Rudimental (feat. Angel Haze) – “Hell Could Freeze”

Hackney group Rudimental has a knack for electronica mixes, and they’ve just combined that with a taste for R&B and pulsating hip hop in their new track “Hell Could Freeze” with American rapper Angel Haze.

Rudimental’s main job, which they perform flawlessly here, is setting up the perfect backing …



Odd Future iPhone Cases. Yes, really.

Have you ever felt your iPhone lacks a bit of streetwise, skate-rap edge? Well, to commemorate last month’s Odd Future carnival in L.A., the Californian hip-hop collective have unveiled a limited edition series of three snap cases for iPhone 4 and 4S in collaboration with Incase. If you’re an …



Exclusive Remix: Zebra Katz x I Am A Camera ‘Ima Read’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, there’s not really any excuse for not having heard ‘Ima Read’ by NYC rapper Zebra Katz. The yin to Azaelia Banks‘ yang, this is fierce, dark, twisted musical brilliance that’s got more attitude than a roomful of …



Introducing: OverDoz

OverDoz are a nascent rap group from L.A. the 4-piece create laidback rap jams for a relaxed summer vibe with catchy choruses that have refreshing rhythm to their flow compared to the likes of Drake and Rocky who rarely exhibit bounce in their delivery. It’s a faintly mnemonic summer drenched …