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BOTW Review: Guards – In Guards We Trust

The few tunes trickled out by Guards from their debut album, In Guards We Trust, ahead of its release, sounded like fun, sunny American road trip tracks. Take, for instance, the ridiculously carefree ‘Ready to Go’, where you can hear the American rebel coming through, as they …


Ready to Go

BOTW Video: Guards – ‘Ready to Go’

Let’s be honest, when you hear the mammoth ringing bells, fuzzy power-pop guitars and upbeat vocal chants of Guards‘ ‘Ready to Go‘, it’s pretty impossible to imagine the track’s accompanying video being anything but a whirlwind, summer adventure. Well, that’s exactly what this savvy Manhattan three-piece have …



Introducing our BOTW: Guards

As the Great British summer begins to gradually – make that very gradually – creep into view and festival season begins to raise its hazy, hungover head, we here at PlanetNotion have found ourselves longing for the sort of monumental musical moments that have you shouting along into the wee …