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BEAUTIFY: Relax, DO do it

That’s right- you’ve got to relax. Whether your work life causes you stress, your relationship… or your just experiencing an alcohol induced anxiety attach: you have to unwind. Take time for yourself, breathe properly and get back to the real you.

The best place to do this? In a bath …



BEAUTIFY: Au Naturelle

With the surge of all things natural and organic in fashion, food and even furniture, it seems only natural (ahem) that beauty follows suite. The main issue with products full of chemicals is that anything you put on your skin (or even your hair!) is absorbed into your blood stream …



BEAUTFIY: It’s time for a RENaissance

We’ve found a new skincare brand, and we kind-of-really-are-totally-in-love-with-it.

REN skincare may not be a new brand to many of you, since being launched in 2000 it’s products have become cult beauty heros- and now we see why! With a philosophy-come-motto of Performance, Purity, Pleasure- we’re all in. Which means …


Ren Feature

Joe Brummell #37 – Ren

So this week Notion’s Editor thought he’d have a go at guesting on Joe Brummell. But DO NOT BE ALARMED. Normal service will be resumed next week. For now, read on…

It’s far too easy to get into a morning routine with shaving. Especially if you’re running late, there’s always …