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NOFAYs 2013: Alex Cull – New Music Editor

Welcome to The NOFAYs 2013: The Notion Office’s Favourite (note: not ‘Best’) Albums of the Year, our take on the now-ubiquitous end-of-year list.

We don’t normally partake in the monotonous routine of compiling EOY lists, made with the intent of bragging about a b-side that no one has ever



BOTW Playlist: Alex Barck

We’ve spent a lot of the last week ranting about how Jazzanova founder and Sonar Kollektiv A&R manager, Alex Barck, draws upon an eclectic, dazzling array of influences. Something that’s made abundantly clear by his diverse yet well-rounded debut solo album, Reunion. Well, stubborn mules that we are, we



BOTW Review: Alex Barck – Reunion

If there’s one thing you can say about Reunion, the debut solo album from Berlin’s Alex Barck, it’s that it’s been a long time coming. Barck has forged a long and industrious career: as a founding member of German DJ collective Jazzanova, as an A&R manager at …



BOTW Interview: Alex Barck

When legendary Jazzanova founder and Sonar Kollektiv A&R manager Alex Barck made the transcontinental shift from Berlin’s daily tumult for a year-long stay in the more tranquil environs of La Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, he couldn’t have imagined the impact that the peaceful, tropical paradise would have on



BOTW Track: Alex Barck – ‘Oh Africa’ (Osunslade Remix)

There’s a rather wonderful story behind ‘Oh Africa‘, one of the standout tracks on legendary Jazzanova founder Alex Barck‘s forthcoming debut album, Reunion. Relocating to the island paradise of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean for a year, Barck found himself struck by the vocals of …



Introducing our BOTW: Alex Barck

It’s a dream that we all aspire to; leaving behind the hustle and bustle of our day-to-days and venturing somewhere new, particularly if that place happens to be in sunnier climes. Well, that’s exactly what Jazzanova founding member and Sonar Kollektiv A&R manager Alex Barck did while working on his …



What Happened To…Pete Doherty

Guys! Pete Doherty is back! And while it may not be The Libertines reunion we have all been longing for, the mere trickling of Pete’s strained vocals from the Babyshambles camp is enough to send a rush of blood to my head. I’m not talking about a rock-star-come-drug-addict intoxication, this …



Track Premiere: Alex Barck – ‘Don’t Hold Back’

Here at PlanetNotion, we always dig a downright sensual, love-making oriented dance tune; so, when we heard that legendary Jazzanova man Alex Barck‘s new track – the indicatively titled ‘Don’t Hold Back’ – celebrates “the coitus interruptus until it hurts”, we knew we just had to share it with …