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Track Premiere: SLK – ‘Call’

We first caught SLK at her debut London show a couple of months back and were instantly captivated by an air of sonic intrigue. You know, that rare feeling where it might just have been worth missing the last train home and you’re left with the fading sounds of the …



Video Premiere: White Lies – ‘Ride’ (Lana Del Rey Cover)

London trio White Lies have provided a live touch to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ride’; taking to a synth, bass and glockenspiel to audibly translate Lana’s tribute to discovering true liberation on the open road. Where the original saw the true queen of tumblr delving into her sultry vocal palette,



BOTW Review: Wild Nothing – Empty Estate

Empty Estate seems to herald a new age for Wild Nothing. After producing two shoegaze, dream pop albums, Virginia’s Jack Tatum has got his head out of the clouds and is back with his most adventurous record yet.

What’s more, Empty Estate is fun – a word Wild Nothing …



BOTW Interview: Wild Nothing

Virginian native and indie-pop wunderkind Jack Tatum – aka Wild Nothing – has certainly let himself float stylistically adrift on his latest EP, Empty Estate. What it’s allowed for, though, is a record unafraid to experiment with form and function; one that moves in ways that would have been



‘Anyone Can Play Guitar,’ apparently.

Although the title may be somewhat dubious (believe me, I know that not just anyone can play the guitar), the event certainly promises not to be. Following its initial success, Sonic Cinema returns to London’s BFI Southbank with the UK premiere of Jon Spira’s music-doc ‘Anyone Can Play Guitar.’

Set …