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News: Floral and Fruit Rings from Dual Nation

Mass produced labels can be nice. You see a design you want, and there’s not really a danger of it selling out before you can finally afford it in two months, but there is an undeniable allure to the exclusivity of handmade, limited edition items. You can often sense the …



Maria Francesca Pepe for Urban Outfitters

Jewellery designer Maria Francesca Pepe is about to release an exclusive collection for Urban Outfitters; available in the UK and US, both online and instore, the collection of ’brutalist bling’ features crystals, crosses, studs, spikes and rope across rings, ear rings and bangles. Prices start at £15, while some …



It’s So Charming: Astrid & Miyu

Searching for that special kind of jewellery, that can’t be bought from a high street chain (shudder), or that is one ring nestled on a rack of mass produced million is one of my most favourite past times. It’s called costume jewellery for a reason. Helping to dress for however …



Sabina Kasper: Punk Gems

It’s a little known paradigm that jewellery is the way to a girl’s heart but why would you want the same generic ole accessories that every Jane and Anne wears, when you can have dazzling Punk Gems.

Accessories’ best kept secret, these exquisite pieces from Sabina Kasper symbolise love, protection …



An Oxford Treasure Trove: Bridget Wheatley

Bridget Wheatley’s shop on Cowley Street in Oxford is a veritable treasure trove of exotic jewels. Beautifully simple in design, her jewellery is charming because of its imperfections; her charm pendants have rough edges and her pearl inserts are organically shaped. But whilst her flat heart necklaces and beaten-up gold …



Magpies Rejoice: Zoe & Morgan Jewellery

Fittingly, it was a Halloween newsletter that reintroduced me to Zoe & Morgan’s weird and wonderful gothic jewellery. Now before you yawn, this label isn’t all about crucifixes and skulls (although there are some of the latter). In fact it’s clear from the design duo’s use of Scarab beetles and …