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Musogyny: Have we got a rrriot on our hands?

Everyone knows it’s a man’s world out there (thanks James Brown) but there is none more so than the big bad world of music. From Miley’s twerking to Sinead’s slut shaming, these last months have seen an upward trajectory in the debate around gender issues within music. Rest assured that



Album Review: EULA – Maurice Narcisse

On their much-hyped debut album Maurice Narcisse, Brooklyn post-punks EULA take their audience captive, shoving down their throats a smorgasbord of influences that read like a who’s who of American alternative rock. That’s not to say the three-piece sound derivative, though. They sculpt and mould their musical forefathers into …



Topman CTRL Session: Gaggle ‘Leave The City’

Gaggle are a much hyped two-dozen member girl-choir lead by Deborah Coughlin; an absolutely raw and weird set of girls make for a primordial crew who are tightly part of the modern grrrl exchange. In session for Topman CTRL, Gaggle look like they were styled by CBBC whilst …