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Interview: Bright Light Bright Light

As he preps for the release of his new EP, it sort of feels like a second chapter for Rod Thomas, aka Bright Light Bright Light. His marvellous debut album, Make Me Believe In Hope, was highly anticipated by many, but was a long time coming. Years prior,



Track Premiere: Lover Lover – ‘Lakeshore Line’ (Bright Light Bright Light remix)

In every thing from its four-to-the-floor beat to the pulsating bass that thunders forthright throughout, Wales-via-London vocalist Bright Light Bright Light‘s remix of Lover Lover‘s ‘Lakeshore Line‘ screams of perpetual motion. It serves as a perfect extended realisation of the track’s nomadic theme, which the latter’s …



Bright Light, Bright Light

With a new single on the realm of being released, and a Pop-Art influenced video to accompany it, we speak to Rod Thomas, the guy behind Bright Light Bright Light on 80s music, guitars and Bjork.

PN: Your new single is called ‘Disco Moment’, what is a ‘disco moment’ for