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Shoot: Spring Dawn

Spring’s cold and tumultuous temperament can have a disastrous impact on our souls. The constant flux between glimmers of summer and relentless rainfall create an imbalance that can’t be explained away. Exemplifying the dawning of spring, Sasha Hitchcock took the darkness and juxtaposed it with the light fashion of the …



Shoot: Blackboard Jungle

When you were at school were you the naughty one? Were you part of the group that would play pranks, crack jokes and generally lark about? Our latest shoot by Ben Breading explores these themes while paying homage to the iconic motion picture, Blackboard Jungle. Often cited as a …



Fashion Story: I’m Miss World, Somebody Kill Me

Notion contributor Danielle Webber has been feeling all dark recently. This shoot takes the catwalk trend du jour, monochrome, to its logical conclusion with black-and-white photography from Gabriel Love, smouldering looks and an unmistakeable London look.

Top- Draw In Light
Skirt- Finders Keepers
Boots- Buffalo

 Dress: Draw In Light


The Fortune Of Loss: Fashion shoot.

‘The Fortune of Loss’ is shot by photography Adam Fussell, styled by Oliver Vaughn, Hair & Makeup by Yusra Uney and modelled by Anna @ Elite.

Dress – Hasan Hejazi (Archive)

Gorilla Coat – Katrina Ferrari, Dress – Beyond Retro, Belt – Joanne Hynes

Faux Fur Coat – Michael Kors, 


Street Style #8 08.08.11 - strutt1

Street Style #8: Spotlight- Strutt

A recent discovery of mine; Charlene O’Rourke of strutt fools anyone into thinking she’s stepped fresh off Times Square, NYC. Yes, she is that cool. She exudes eclectic eccentricity achieved by the handpicked selection of mis-matched pieces from eras been and gone.

A self-confessed vintage vixen, Charlene has that eye …



The Hautelist #16: Hawaiian Shirts

For the past week we’ve found it hard to think of much else than tattooed men in Hawaiian shirts, so thought it only right to share this new found obsession/ perversion/ fantasy with you (admittedly primarily in the hope that we’ll convert more men to the cause and soon the …


rokit designers guild

Get a Vintage Feel at Rokit Designers Guild

The darling Rokit, reputable for being the oldest vintage store in London, launched its Designers Guild range last month.  After having a gander at the clothes and accessories, we have to say it is simply divine. We were incredibly surprised by the fact that these gorgeously kitsch products are such …