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Interview: Jen Long on Cassette Store Day

Last month, BuzzFeed posted one of its ‘listicles’ that provoked an outpouring of derision and abuse from music fans everywhere.  Entitled ’35 Music Experiences You’ll Never Have Again’ – and containing things like ‘in-stores’ and ‘reading the liner notes’ – it seemed to state that music on physical …



Laki Mera – Turn All Memory to White Noise

One of the best things about growing up in Glasgow was the opportunity to immerse myself in one of the strongest musical heritages in the UK.  The Scottish Album of the Year award, recently awarded for the second time to RM Hubbert, shows that the quality of music coming …



News: #R3D Market returns to Shoreditch

The Red Gallery‘s #R3D Market has been black but now it is indeed back this summer! It will commence every Thursday and Friday in the heart of Shoreditch, between 5pm and midnight, maintaining its reputation as one of the first nocturnal street food markets in London. #R3D is a …


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Introducing: Jungle

YES. I’ve just listened to Jungle‘s new single ‘Platoon’ for what’s probably the seventh time in a row. Just… Yes. Completely enigmatic and almost impossible to Google, I thought this band was going to be difficult to write an ‘introducing’ piece about. But then I listened to ‘Platoon’ …



Introducing: Temples

Hailing from the Midlands, neo-psych four piece Temples has got everyone talking this year. With their big hair and an even bigger sound, the band has already supported Suede, Kasabian and The Vaccines on their recent arena tours; all off the back of a single release. Released by Heavenly Recordings



Interview: Ghostpoet

With his second album, the tongue-twistingly titled ‘Some Say I So I Say Light‘ seeing release this week, Notion’s Lauren Vevers caught up with the ever charismatic Ghostpoet for a chat about the collaborative processes that informed the record, escaping genre-led pigeonholing and what his dream ‘rager’ would



BOTW Download: Barbarossa – Battles

Sometimes in a sea of trendy chillwave bands and poptastic anthems, it’s nice to return to something bucolic, something simpler, something indie. The poor guitar band has been puhsed aside in the rush for the new, and we’re all about brining you something that you might not normally expect. Hence …



Introducing Our BOTW: Barbarossa

Barbarossa – namesake of James Mathé – has been releasing his own exquisite collection of songs since 2006, and we can’t quite understand why more people don’t love him. This is why he’s our BOTW – we want to scream about his brilliant talent from the rooftops for all of …


Alabama Shakes

Live Review: Alabama Shakes

Being in the most talked about new band in the world must be a strange thing. Before Rough Trade signed Alabama Shakes late last year the band were relatively unknown in their home town, now the quartet have a top 3 selling record and a fan-base of A-listers worldwide.

With …


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DRC Music Live Performance Announced

On Tuesday December 6th Rough Trade East is hosting a night of unique collaborative performances from electronic producers DRC Music. When some UK artists spent this July working in the Democratic Republic of Congo to record an album with local musicians in just five days, DRC Music was formed, …