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The Hautelist #12 – Wedding Hats

In the aftermath of the royal wedding, the thing that’s been niggling at me the most is the hat situation.  Obviously Princess Beatrice took the prize for the most utterly monstrous head piece of the day….and possibly of all days, ever, but it wasn’t just her.  The basic fact is …



BOTW MPfree – Times New Viking, “No Room To Live”

You’re probably so excited about this bank holiday weekend you’re mopping up your own wee-wee with a commemorative Kate ‘n’ Wills tea towel.

Here’s another reason to go wild: our Band of the Week MPfree. You’ve had the videos, the review and the interview, so here’s a free download …



Matthew Herbert Set to Bring Down the Monarchy

Oh, he’s cheeky, that Matthew Herbert. Apparently he released an electro song in 1992 called “Royal Wedding”, under the moniker Wish Mountain, which used audio from the wedding ceremony of Charles ‘n’ Di. Now he’s hoping to cash in on the some of the millions of quid being spent …



The Hautelist #10: Royal Wedding Special

Bandwagon jumping?  Us?  Ok, so maybe just a teensy bit, but who can blame us – every press release we’ve been sent for the past 6 months has been laced with some kind of tenuous Royal wedding link, and although Mr Fashion Ed has strictly banned us from any Royalist …



Maiden Celebrates the Royal Wedding

With all the hullabaloo around Wills and Kate’s upcoming nuptials, perhaps it’s time to recall the utter misery that came out of the last Royal Wedding.

Shoreditch’s favourite purveyor of weird odds and ends, Maiden, will mark the occasion by celebrating Charles and Diana’s joyous union of 1981. They’re stocking …



A Right Royal Rave: Bench launch Royal dubplate

As you’re all aware, the Royal Wedding is edging closer –hello bank holiday, and with that comes a multitude of commemorative memorabilia. Joining the procession of celebratory plates, mugs and teapots is street wear brand, Bench. But instead of the usual collection of gold trim plates with the happy couple’s …



Update: Land of Kings Music and Arts Festival

For those of you not familiar with this particular event, let me fill you in: Land of Kings is a music and arts festival where pretty much everything is happening.  You want to be there.  This update just covers some of the new acts they’ve recently added, which will take …