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Is James Blake the New Cherub of Hip-Hop?

Yung Blake recruits Chance The Rapper for a remix of ‘Life Round Here’ and asserts himself as the new found cherub of hip-hop.


Interview: U-God (Part two)

It’s very difficult not to view Wu-Tang as we all did in 1993. We get caught up in the nostalgia and very easily forget that these are all grown men, some with children who are graduating from college.  With his ‘been there and done that’ T-Shirt almost worn to shreds


Interview: U-God (Part one)

During the London stop of the Wu-Tang Clan’s 20th anniversary tour, we caught up with the iconic rap collective’s often most misconceived member, U-God.

We kick off part one of this frank and charismatic two part interview, discussing the new solo album ‘The Keynote Speaker’, reaching out to Gucci


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News: Wu-Tang Clan reunion album ‘A Better Tomorrow’

In time for their 20th Anniversary, East Coast hip hop legends the Wu-Tang Clan have announced that A Better Tomorrow -  a reunion album featuring the whole clan – is set for a November release. To accompany the record, the entire group will perform in the UK next month. As …