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News: ‘Station to Station’ art project announced

What is Station to Station I hear you say? The clue is in the name. In essence you might think that it just looks like an insanely awesome Skittles coloured train, but in fact there is so much more to it than that. This is artist Doug Aitken‘s newest …



BOTW Moodboard: oOoOO

Rounding out our week-long delve into the murky, mysterious waters of San Francisco’s oOoOO, the elusive producer offered us this exclusive insight into the things that make him tick as an artist. From a Muslim-oriented take on Barbie to pre-digital lost gems that are now ripe for rediscovery on



BOTW Review: oOoOO – Without Your Love

San Francisco’s Christopher Dexter Greenspan also goes by the name of oOoOO, and Without Your Love is his debut album. In its entirety, the record stands as audible performance art, where the movement of the elements within the music is equally important to the sound it creates. There is …



BOTW Interview: oOoOO

Ahead of his long-awaited debut album, Without Your Love, dropping next week, Alex Cull caught up with San Francisco’s king of dark electronica, Christoper Dexter Greenspan – aka oOoOO. Meeting in a bustling Shoreditch club house, the two sat down to chat about Greenspan’s newly-founded imprint, Nihjgt Feelings



Introducing our BOTW: oOoOO

While Without Your Love, the debut full-length from San Francisco’s Christopher Dexter Greenspan under the alias of oOoOO, may not feel a million miles away from the witch house movement that initially brought the producer to wider attention in 2009/10, it certainly feels like a step in a …



The Muso In Manchester #6

Unbelievable reverb-soaked live videos in churches, garage pop from San Francisco, and the Bunker offering up ‘trashy, cymbal-heavy pop’, ‘psychedelic exploration of the synthesiser cosmos’ and ‘accessible, euphoric epics’. Phew.

I feel a poignant way to start this column would be with a reference to Embers’ recent live recording …



EP Review: San Cisco – Beach

It’s hard not to be a tad concerned when a promo shows up on your desk adorned in seaside-themed artwork, titled Beach, and by an Australian band whose name seems to be a contraction of San Francisco. In a post-chillwave/surf-infused world, it feels like pandering of the highest order.…



Interview: Kim Ann Foxman

Alex Cull chats with former Hercules & Love Affair lady Kim Ann Foxman about growing up in Hawaii, her first exposures to house music and going solo.

You grew up in Hawaii: Has your upbringing there influenced you at all as a musician? If so, how?
I did grow up …


moscow underground

The Halifax Matchmaker, reviewed

PlanetNotion intern Stevie Pearce reviews the enjoyable Halifax Holiday Matchmaker Facebook app, which is as informative as it is tempting.

I’m going to Moscow! Usually I’m not too excited about any facebook apps as I don’t really trust them, so when I checked out the Halifax Matchmaker app and found …



Girls ‘Vomit’ New Video

The new Girls album is set to hit all good record shops on 13 September, but the San Francisco rockers haven’t left you all alone until then, they have unveiled their video for first single from the forthcoming, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, yesterday and it is all kinds of …