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Now Hear This: 14/12/13

We’re not really about lists. We like longform interviews and in-depth analysis; wordy think-pieces and lengthy reports. But that’s partly because we’re music-loving writers and there’s nothing we love more than the sound of a keyboard clacking satisfyingly with the sound of our own thoughts. Hey, at least we’re honest.



Moodboard: Say Lou Lou

Dreamy Australian-Swedish electro twins Miranda and Elektra Kilbey – aka Say Lou Lou (NB the name change) - make pop music that is both dark and light, ethereal and euphoric. Following the release of their second single, ‘Julian’ and ahead of a European tour supporting synthpoppers Hurts, we



BOTW Interview: The Flight

We caught up with our current BOTW – London production duo The Flight – for a chat about the grisly folk ballad that forms the thematic core of their debut Hangman EP, and writing for some of the biggest names in the music business.

PlanetNotion: How did the two