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Introducing: Indiana

Earlier this summer, we here at PlanetNotion found ourselves transfixed by ‘Smoking Gun‘, the most recent single from Nottingham-based vocalist and songwriter, Indiana. Built from the ground up, the track’s spidery guitar lines and static beats were the perfect grounding for the young singer’s meandering, softly spun



News: Secret Forum unveils comedy and speakers lineup

So we’d already established that this year’s Secret Garden Party is going to be massive, but the announcement of Secret Forum‘s comedy and speakers lineup has brought the excitement to a whole new level. The Friday will see upcoming stars such as Justin Moorhouse (Phoenix Nights, Looking for


head gardener

New Mix: The Head Gardener – Holy Crap the Sun’s Out

This year’s Secret Garden Party is set to be a momentous affair, spanning four days, 220 acres, and featuring dozens of artists including Regina Spektor, Django Django, and Soulwax. Just in case that news wasn’t enough to get everyone excited, The Head Gardener has just released a …



The Box Coming to the Wilderness Festival

The Wilderness Festival strives to deliver wholesome family fun under the August sun, but once the sun goes down, the story is a little different. Amid a slew of party events from Rumpus and musical appearances from Artful Badger and Feast of Fools, The Wilderness Festival is introducing, for …



News: Secret Garden Party – more secrets revealed

Drum roll please. More secrets have been revealed.

Secret Garden Party have just unveiled a whole host of new acts for their 2013 festival leading with a UK exclusive performance by Regina Spektor. She performed back when she was a new name on the scene in 2005 and has …



News: Secret Garden Party announces line-up

Back in November, Secret Garden Party revealed that their theme for 2013 was ‘Superstition’. Think black cats, ladders, horse shoes, four leaf clovers and… nope, I haven’t got anymore.

Today we bring you the auspicious, see what I did there, reveal of the lineup for the event in July. Headliners …



Secret Garden Party 2013 Theme Revealed

Secret Garden Party knows that it’s one of the biggest events of the year.  This July, from the 25th-28th, they’ll embrace their status as an epic social and artistic gathering for the 11th time.  SGP knows that its very existence celebrates humanity and all its oddities, so this year they’re …


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GoCarShare live session: Laurel Collective

Because public transport is not possible for every journey; car sharing is important. Real important. It gets cars off the road and helps reduce pollution taking us one step further away from Waterworld. GoCarShare is a website which hooks-up drivers and passengers so they can share the ride and …



From the roots of Glastonbury now reimagined by Secret Garden Party, GLADE returns for another year

You ever get that feeling something’s missing? That maybe there is a higher power you’re not yet in touch with? Or you’re just longing to feel that higher tier of enlightenment?

Well if you are…you’re in for a massive treat, because we have the answer and it comes in one …


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Round 2: The Second Wave lineup of The Secret Garden party!


The very sudden and exciting second wave line up for The Secret Garden Party has been released! This is definitely the festival for unquestionable frivolity and fruitiness! If you like Bestival but crave a new, alternative and enrapturing twist then you can assure yourself you’ve found its other cooler …