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Watching Paint Dry #13 -Trip Back from deepest Narnia

“I was on my way back from deepest Narnia the other morning”

Hello you sunny bunch, sorry no speak for a while. I have been drinking strange brews from a polariscope glass in a galaxy far, far away. However I’m back now. Cosmic caravan has been parked up for now. …



Hazy mornings, stencils and rollerdubs, the search for milk

“It’s a sunsnake! arrghh! let’s get out of here” (in a french accent) I heard this morning as someone shouted it outside my window. Notably at a ‘it’s too early for shit like that’ kinda volume. Especially for a Monday. God bless the ravers eh. Upon venturing for any milky …



Watching Paint Dry #10: “Coke and the Beat Wall”

Hey ravers, sorry no speak last week. Busy, busy in the big city, bright lights and sleepless nights and all that. Wasn’t going to talk about this but with so much hype and misinformation online about what’s what, and as I have co-incidentally seen this one go down, I thought …



Watching Paint Dry #9: “To tag or not to tag”

Hey doodlers.

“To tag or not to tag, that is the question”

I trust you are all surviving this “cold snap” and ploughing on through this freezing February. Get your fingerless gloves on, get out there and write your name on something. But if you’re going to do that – …



Watching Paint Dry #7: Everyone Loves A Sticker

Hello friends and foes, I trust you are all well. I’ve had somewhat of an insane week including a night detained at her majesty’s pleasure. Must have been me taking the piss last week, Karma’s a bitch. And she bites. However I’m a free man and still here to show …



Watching Paint Dry #6: The Island of The Wick

It’s 2012! whoo wow! End of the world etc…

How goes it doodlers? Hope you all enjoyed going temporarily insane out there. I know I did. New Years Eve 2011, was always gonna be a big one in case at the stroke of midnight the world imploded I suppose. That …


photo 2

Watching Paint Dry #5: Nem X. Rapper

Morning all, So is this the infamous year of 2012? are we there yet? As i write i don’t even know. It’s been a boozy Christmas period and as for NYE. Well has that happened yet? I dunno.. And i definitely have no idea what day it is. Hopefully a …



Watching Paint Dry #4 – “Let It Rain – PS”

Hello Christmas people. I see you swarming the streets. It’s that time now isn’t it? I see you lot dipping about with your carrier bags. We all stand at the crossroads together. You see 30% off in the shop window and I stare at the lamppost and gaze at stickers …



Watching Paint Dry #3 – ‘A Wander About Shoreditch’

Greeting programs. Are you recoiling from the Christmas assault on your eyes already? I know I am. Has Christmas been and gone yet? I feel I have been bombarded by a ton of visual information I really didn’t want in the last three weeks. Bloody blue aliens, as if they …



Watching Paint Dry #2 – ‘It’s not so grim up north, A trip to Leeds’

Evening all, now usually I roam the streets of the big smoke, but I’ve had somewhat of a crazy week which led me to the fair north. The fine city of Leeds in particular. As a virgin of the city I really had no idea just how much paint got …