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Introducing: SHINIES

Manchester’s finest, indie pop band SHINIES are ready to release their debut EP, ‘Tangle’ on August 12th. Produced by MJ of Hookworms, and mixed by Rory Attwell, the band are a brilliant mix of fresh talent and chilled shoegaze sounds.

2012 saw SHINIES release just two singles, but begin to …



Tusindfald land in the UK with new single ‘Kys’

Tusindfald are a new Danish band, that we have just fallen in love with. The lead single ‘Kys’, is lifted from their debut EP of the same title which is set for release on August 12th through Indelabel.

The shoegaze style of ‘Kys‘ is dreamy and so …



Video Exclusive: Towns – Dig Your Heels

Taken from their upcoming Sleepwalking EP – which is released via Howling Oil Records on Monday – Bristol shoegazers Towns have unveiled the kaleidoscopic video for new track ‘Dig Your Heels’. The clip, which is a hypnotic, hallucinogenic affair, sees the band raucously cultivating their noisy guitar rock in the …



Introducing: Vuvuvultures

Vuvuvultures have the best name in music (at least they have since Dananananaykroyd split up). Let’s face it, that’s just fact. And, much like the wonderful Dananananaykroyd, Vuvuvultures make great music, too.

That’s the end of the gargantuan names, now, so don’t worry.

The band, based in London but with …



Album Review: School Of Seven Bells – Ghostory

The concept album. It can be so, so great or so terribly, terribly bad. For every Sufjan Stevens there’s Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music to assault your ears. There never seems to be much in between.

Which brings us to School Of Seven Bells and Ghostory, an album which loosely …



EP Review: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – ‘Paper Crush’

When your band name is Letting Up Despite Great Faults you’re going to have to accept that it immediately projects certain ideas about you. You know, hazy, gentle shoegaze, sun dappled melodies, whispered vocals. But rather than shying away from these preconceptions Letting Up Despite Great Faults confidently embrace them. …



Review: Cat Matador, “The Address EP”

As much as indie music is supposed to be about, well, independence, it’s all too easy for bands to fall prey to convention.  Cat Matador manages never to quite cross over that line, thankfully.  What is a Cat Matador, you ask?  In this case, it’s a fairly unique 5-piece indie …