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Top of the Shops – Bermondsey 167

The personification of shabby-chic, Bermondsey Street boasts a fashion museum, numerous coffee shops, a pet boutique and (fact fans) was the location for the Mark Ronson video with all the bikes. It would be bizarre if there wasn’t an independent concept boutique or two. Enter Bermondsey 167, one of …



Top of the Shops: Fifi Wilson

Chelsea green is home to many a dreamy boutique capable of providing distraction on a rainy afternoon; the girliest of which no doubt, is the sparkly, fluffy Fifi Wilson!

It’s a candy-striped cave with glitter and colour on every rail, clothing, accessories and quirky gifts spilling off shelves.

Of the …



Joe Brummell #38 – Browsing for Brows

My drama teacher once told me that my eyebrows were as expressive as Roger Moore’s, and while Roger managed to make a whole career out of that – I never had any such luck. Sure dramatic and expressive eyebrows are a blessing but as I get older the only expression …


UOxOP collaboration.pptx

Penguin and Urban Outfitters go 50s Americana Surf

The Spring -Summer collection of 2012 by two high flyers in the fashion industry is here. Original Penguin have once again teamed up with popular high street retailers Urban Outfitters for a new male contemporary notion. The 12 piece collection sees 50s American surf-themed heritage respected within the range of …


facial hairt header

Joe Brummell #35 – Beardsley

If you were thinking this post was about Peter Beardsley, or how to get the Peter Beardsley look, then you’ll be disappointed. Although I’m pretty sure demand for Peter Beardsley style tips is pretty low, no offence Peter. Beardsley happens to be a new shampoo and conditioner brand that has …


Jungle vs Tiki

Fashion Shoot: ALOHA!

Check out this cheeky shoot below for exotic summer wear inspiration. Bold, wild prints coupled with brilliant streaks of colour seem to keep ‘em keen. Investigate all your favourite retail clothing stores to seek some tropical florals. All you need to complete the look is a tequila sunrise and a …



Fashion Shoot: Prints Charming

Prints are back. Here’s a look as some fresh fabulousness from up-and-coming stylist Amy Hanson

Intro: Alix Blankson

Title: Prints Charming

Stylist: Amy Hanson

Photographer: Marc Hibbert

Model: Adeele @ Models1

Hair / Make up: Lucie Oliver

Assistant: Louise Barber



Joe Brummell #6: Vile Bodies, Beautiful Scents

Remember The Roaring Twenties? You know, The Jazz Age! Remember the thrill of seeing the first ‘talkie’ at the cinema? When George Gershwin wrote Rhapsody in Blue? Magritte, Picasso and Duchamp were at the top of their game…Surrealism and Art Deco were changing the landscape of art and design…remember? …


worlds end

Top of the Shops – Vivienne Westwood World’s End

Almost the antithesis of Punk at the moment thanks to E4 and a bunch of possibly the squarest reality stars ever, Chelsea is not the first area that springs to mind when you think of the relentless attitude and personality of Vivienne Westwood. However, like a beacon of wonky-clocked hope …



Cinderella’s dream at The Box Boutique

With bowler hat lamps and neon coloured furniture, it would be hard to miss the new shoe store Box Boutique.
What would be even harder to miss it the unique selection of shoes in disoplay, and what a display it is. Each shoe looks one of a kind, in a …