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My favourite songs: Shakka

We tap into Shakka’s sentimental side and ask him to list eight songs that mean the most to him, or have inspired his career thus far. Difficult task given all the amazing music in the world, but he did a stellar job. Have a look at his selection below…




Introducing: Max Marshall

At just 21 years-old Max Marshall has already established a successful career in fashion. When she isn’t creating 1940s-inspired bespoke clothing, making wigs for Lady Gaga or working for French designer Charlie Le Mindu, Marshall turns to her other passion, music.

Writing music since 14, the Baltimore-born-London-based multi-instrumentalist has …



Songs for the Week #3

Torches – Sky Blue & Ivory
This is Torches’ debut single but you’d never guess. They have seemingly arrived fully formed, enveloping you in their gothically menacing and ominous brand of rock and creating a sparse and intriguing sound. Frontman Charlie Drinkwater’s baritone vocals are front and centre and through …


Caged Animal 4

BOTW Download: Caged Animals ‘Girls on Medication’

Yesterday we showed the video for single ‘Girls on Medication’ from BOTW Caged Animals. We’re sure that only made you addicted to the song and rather than be chained to the repeat button on the video we have the download for you! This is one of the infectious and happy …


Caged Animal 1

Band of the Week Introducing: Caged Animals

Band of the Week to round off September is Caged Animals, aka the newest creation of Vincent Cocchione. Some out there might know Brooklyn-based Cocchione for his darker Soft Black. However, with his new band, Caged Animals he decided on lyrics that would give a giggle and harmonies that can …



BOTW Interivew: Chris Taylor of CANT

With the awful weather that recently hit the eastern coast of the United States, there was a certain fear that our New York based, BOTW interview with Chris Taylor wasn’t going to happen. Yet even with everything, Taylor found a moment to steal with us so we could hound him …


roots m

Album Review: Roots Manuva – ’4everevolution’

The highly acclaimed Roots Manuva is back. His heavy-hitting lyrical rap combines once again with effective production and simple beats that allow emphasis on his vocals and trademark backdrops of warped sound.

‘Revelation’ stood out as a highlight track for me. Manuva’s traditional heavy backing and powerful lyrics are met …


caged animals

New Single and Download from Caged Animal

Brooklyn based Caged Animal clawed onto the UK scene with their debut single, ‘Girls on Medication’. The single was a shimmering melodic release and many might have jumped to unwarranted conclusions that this band was going to be a light dose of indie-rock. However, the new single, ‘Teflon Heart’, the …



Album Review: Bombay Bicycle Club- ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’

Most bands are afraid to drift from their signature style that earned them a loyal fan base to begin with, churning out album after album that eventually merges into years of same-sounding songs that eventually gets, well, boring. I don’t blame them, however, for being wary of trying something new …



Album Review: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

I remember in the 90s being as Pavement obsessed as the next guy- a lot of classes spent scribbling lyrics on my shoes rather than learning the periodic table, so it’s not much of a stretch for me to completely geek out when Stephen Malkmus releases his fifth post-Pavement album …