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winter skin tackle dry heat cold

BEAUTIFY: Seasonal Skincare Saviours

We do love a tad of alliteration. But we don’t like winter skin, in fact no one likes the winter, especially your skin. You know the drill: the temperature drops and suddenly you’ve got a sallow, dry complexion staring back at you in the mirror.

So why does our skin …



BEAUTIFY: Post-holiday skin

The fact that you could come back from holiday without perfectly sunned and smooth, healthy looking skin is not usually something you think of. I sure didn’t think it, but sadly- it did happen to me. A holiday to Italy translated itself in my head as tan, cocktails and um, …



BEAUTIFY: Wake up to Sheer Mineral Defense

I think we can all agree on the weather this July. But can we agree on what the most essential beauty product for this month is?

Wakey, wakey guys- it’s SPF. No it’s not particularly ‘cool’ to be so cautious and wear a high SPF on your face. But yeah, …



BEAUTIFY: The act of gentle hydration

As you well know by now, to say the Beauty team here at Notion are fans of SkinCeuticals would be a huge understatement. We’ve tried and tested their peels at EFMedispa. We’ve fallen for all the cosmeceutical products that make our skin look the best it ever has. …



BEAUTIFY: SkinCeuticals Micropeel with EF Medispa

For the past three weeks, we’ve been trialling SkinCeuticals products, alongside a chemical facial peel. The outcome? We’ve found our new favourite brand. The aim of SkinCeuticals is to provide quality products, backed by science- with clinical studies published in respected medical journals, you know you’re in good hands.

All …