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Introducing: Porter Robinson

As it stands the EDM scene is stagnated and nationalised, or so says 21-year-old American musician Porter Robinson. After enjoying success as a producer and DJ with his more commercial ‘Spitfire EP’, working with Skrillex and Tiesto, and making remixes for Lady Gaga, Porter has turned his back on


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Steps to Becoming a Bedroom Producer

The music world has, in recent times, experienced an extreme democratisation of its resources Because the Internet. Most—if not all—of the most prominent producers today hail from the bedroom—the place where some kind of magic always seems to happen. But these are just metaphors: a bedroom connected to the



Introducing: Betty Who

Australia has been unrelenting with its musical exports in the last 18 months or so, take Flume, Tame Impala and San Cisco for instance, who’ve all provided us with startling, relevant and at times avant-garde approaches to their chosen genres.

Betty Who, born and raised in Sydney, is …



BOTW Interview: Young Galaxy

With their glorious fourth album, Ultramarine – a hugely visceral, romantic re-imagining of modern synth-pop – due out on Paper Bag next week, Canadian five-piece Young Galaxy gave us an insight into the record’s Swedish production, their attempts to mix up the songwriting process this time around, and why it’s



BOTW Track: Young Galaxy – ‘New Summer’

On Young Galaxy‘s Ultramarine, an album that’s crammed full of sweetness, nostalgia and romance, there aren’t many moments as swooningly gorgeous as ‘New Summer‘. On the surface, it’s ostensibly a track about making the most of your time in this life: being carefree, savouring every moment …



My #RSD13: Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory

With their debut album, Hybrid Theory, re-released for this year’s Record Store Day, Liz Ward took a look at the pre-adolescent musical zeitgeist formed by Linkin Park at the start of the 21st century. Here, she details how though the band and herself have taken greatly differing musical



Interview: Harmony Korine

Harmony Korine‘s Spring Breakers, a debauched ode to sex, drugs and bass-drops in the criminal underworld of Florida hits cinemas this weekend. Matt Mansfield got a couple of minutes with the director to chat about about Skrillex, tapping into the mainstream and why Skittles are perfect for making



BOTW Video: Young Dreams – ‘First Day of Something’

Following on from their wonderful video for ‘Fog of War‘, which hit the Internet late last year, our current BOTW – Bergen-based orchestral-tinged, psychedelic indie-rock collective Young Dreams – recently released an equally intriguing clip for Between Places single ‘First Days of Something‘.

Opening in a …



News: Skrillex joins forces with G-Star RAW

An opportunity to ‘do something different and expressive… and experiment artistically’ is how Skrillex describes his latest project: a collaboration with Dutch clothing company G-Star Raw. Always one to be just that little bit different, Skrillex is launching a pair of limited edition unisex jeans using his favourite denim, …


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Issue 61 Extended Interview: Susanne Sundfør

New Music Editor Bronya Francis was won over by Susanne Sundfør when she went over to Norway to spend a day with the major label-signed songstress. Her dry humour, knowledge of music, passion, talent and strong appearance make her – well – the total opposite of boring, media-trained pop stars.