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Caged Animal 3

BOTW Interview: Caged Animals

Our interview with lead man Vincet Cacchione from BOTW, Caged Animals, is not only insightful about his own musical process, but also about music in general as he gives you a few bands that are a must listen to! (Beside his own, naturally.)

PlanetNotion: A lot of people are talking


Caged Animal 2

BOTW Album Review: Caged Animals- ‘Eat Their Own’

First release from BOTW Caged Animal (although it’s technically the 4th release from main-man Vincent Cacchione), titled Eat Their Own, comes from the people of Lucky Number. As it was mentioned in the introduction for Caged Animals, this project is sort of the happier twin from Cacchione after …


Caged Animal 1

Band of the Week Introducing: Caged Animals

Band of the Week to round off September is Caged Animals, aka the newest creation of Vincent Cocchione. Some out there might know Brooklyn-based Cocchione for his darker Soft Black. However, with his new band, Caged Animals he decided on lyrics that would give a giggle and harmonies that can …