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LFW Interview: Maria Grachvogel

Set in The Savoy’s Lancaster ballroom, Maria Grachvogel brought us the ultra feminine. So much so that her inspirations verged on a feminist view of dress, through the freedom that loose clothes and trousers bring to women. After all, a girl doesn’t have to be in a LBD to look



BOTW Download: Soft Metals ‘Psychic Driving’

We’ve been going on about Soft Metals all week long, but what’s always the most important bit is not our opinion, but yours! So, we have the truly wonderful first track/first single from Soft Metals’ self-titled album up for download! Give it a listen and decide for yourself if our …



BOTW Video: Soft Metals Live!

Soft Metals are a new band and therefore they don’t quite have a video-yet! But when you’re moving to LA and making a wonderful dreamy debut album you might not have time for a video to accompany it. However, we do have a video of them playing live. Considering the …



BOTW Review: Soft Metals- ‘Soft Metals’

Debut self-titled album from BOTW Soft Metals begins how you’d imagine a ’80s sci-fi film to. The LP is released off Brooklyn label Captured Tracks, and ‘Psychic Driving’, is the first track and first single off the album. It takes off by encompassing you in synths until the  unearthly voice …



BOTW Interview: Soft Metals

Our Band of Week, Soft Metals, are a couple that make addicting electro-pop, we can’t get their songs out of our head. They answered a few of our questions and we were able to discover the perks of working with the one you love, how to get a 7″ with …



Introducing Band of the Week: Soft Metals

Our Band of Week hails from across the ocean in Portland, Oregon, and is, in fact, couple Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall. At the time of the pairs first meeting, Ian was living in San Francisco when he came to DJ at a party thrown by Patricia in Portland. Ian …