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Groomed: Aedes De Venustas Luxury Fragrances

Aedes De Venustas, meaning ‘Temple of Beauty’, is one of the finest perfumeries in America. Based in Manhattan, New York, Aedes de Venustas introduced the world’s best luxury fragrances into the US market and is an A-lister-frequented store. Now, AdV is making a move on the UK market with it’s …


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Grub’s Up, Scrubs Up: Jeremy Lee & Giles Deacon

This is totally a We heart post but decided the puntitle was worth it. Bon vivant and Quo Vadis chef supreme Jeremy Lee entertains dear old friend, GoT significant other and fashion designer Giles Deacon at QV for a spot of eel cooking and a wide ranging conversation about the …



Levi’s Commuter open bike repair shop

Levi’s have brought back their hugely successful bike repair shop, offering free basic bike servicing and advice to all cyclists.

Located at London’s Golden Square (Soho), the temporary pop-up shop will promote the Levi’s Commuter series. A collection designed by cyclists for cyclists, Levi’s Commuter seamlessly blends urban functionality and …



Nudie Jeans + Percival macs: Berwick St roundup

Nudie Jeans open Soho store

We’re very excited to announce that Gothenburg’s Nudie Jeans have opened their first London store, adding to those already housed on the continent, as well as in Tokyo, LA and Sydney. Located on the corner of Berwick St and D’Arblay St, the Soho concept store …




When you walk into an Aesop store you feel like you’ve just entered into a skincare laboratory. Brown bottles full of potions fill the walls, and there is even a huge vintage sink- ready to test products out in.

Based on botanicals and science, Aesop was established in Melbourne, Australia …


Shop Press Release

Percival Flagship Store to Open in Soho

Percival Menswear has been making the rounds of critical acclaim, earning praise from the likes of GQ Style, Monocle, and Drapers.  Their clothing–high-quality casual wear–has led to their Flagship Stores gaining popularity and in general being resounding successes.  This is in no small part to the company’s dedication to independent, …


Barrio East

Barrio East to Open in Shoreditch

Barrio North in Islington and Barrio Central in SOHO have proven to be big hits.  With a Latin American taste that permeats the atmosphere, food, and drinks, people seem attracted to that taste of the exotic in this diverse little city we have here.  Building on this success, Barrio East


othershop pigeon

OTHER shop: Open now

Originally opened as an online venture by Matthew Murphy and Kirk Beattie, OTHER is an independent retail company that have just opened a store on Kingly Street in London’s Soho. OTHER shop sell their own clothing collection which is, in its entirity, made in England. They also operate as a …


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Blanch & Shock at The Endurance

Experimental food designers Blanch and Shock have been ‘‘continually moving – both physically and with ideas” for the past 4 years, from trucks, tents, fields and now into fully equipped pub The Endurance, Berwick Street, Soho. Throughout August is their first residency and a chance for a much wider audience …



Ink, Drink, & Tattoos- ‘Sailor Jerry’ Opens Hotel Street in London

The great Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins has hopped across the pond  bringing with him some of his bad ass masterpieces. The Iconic tattoo artist has decided to share his love of ink with his friends in the UK opening the gallery, store and music venue, Hotel Street, on Thursday, April …