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anna meredith

Anna Meredith streaming two EPs online

One of Britain’s leading composers, Anna Meredith, has released two EP’s – the brand new Jet Black Raider and 2012′s Black Prince Fury – onto Soundcloud.

Famous for her groundbreaking classical compositions, Meredith has recently turned her artform more towards electronica. The two EPs are monumentally huge pieces of work, …



Little Boots competition to remix new single ‘Satellite’

Who doesn’t love Little Boots? We here at Notion adore the petit songstress, and are rather excited about the new remix of ‘Satalite’ by Lindstrom. The track is taken from Little Boots second studio album, Nocturnes, and is a bouncy and uplifting slice of dance floor pop magic.

To …



Interview: Cyril Hahn

In just under two years, Cyril Hahn has remixed some of the world’s biggest names in music, gained a following of loyal fans and signed to one of the most forward- thinking record labels in the industry, PMR. He is now set to release his double a-side ‘Perfect Form



New track: Sietta

Australian-based duo Sietta have just released the lusciously soulful Let It Go, and PlanetNotion absolutely loves it.

Opening through a gently verse, Let It Go is a primal hulking mass that feels natural and gloriously primordial. Caiti Baker’s voice is given an empty cavernous space to delicately fill before …


New track: Barnaby – Fresh Made Lemonade

Southampton-based Barnaby has released his debut single Fresh Made Lemonade. Written, produced and featuring the vocals of Barnaby (Barnaby Atherton), the artist is set to have an explosive start to his career with this gorgeous track.

Perfectly poised with an elegantly visceral composition that places Banarby’s deep, soulful voice …



Cyril Hahn premieres new track ‘Raw Cut’

Cyril Hahn is fast becoming one of the most talked about DJ’s across the music scene. His forthcoming double a-side ‘Perfect Form / Raw Cut’ is set for release on 7th October, and we can not get enough of the latter.

The more shadowy partner of the double a-side,…



New Track: Howes – ‘Leazes’

Like so many artists these days, Howes, has found success through the wonderful invention of the World Wide Web. With his track ‘Asiko’ already plastered across self-promotion sites such as Soundcloud and the long-forgotten MySpace, he’s proven himself to be a very proactive 19 year old. The teen …



New Label: Yuksek – ‘Partyfine’

We announce singles, EPs, LPs, gigs, and music videos every day, but it’s not often we get a piece of news like this. The French producer/DJ Yuksek has just announced his brand new label Partyfine. Yuksek’s had a long and successful career, working with a wide variety of excellent …



Introducing: Rainy Milo

Artists of all kinds are usually obsessed with the concept of originality. They’re constantly trying to forge their own singular sound. You know? It comes as kind of refreshing, in a way, when someone admits to being derivative, even celebrates that fact. In a seemingly contradictory way, that admission …


head gardener

New Mix: The Head Gardener – Holy Crap the Sun’s Out

This year’s Secret Garden Party is set to be a momentous affair, spanning four days, 220 acres, and featuring dozens of artists including Regina Spektor, Django Django, and Soulwax. Just in case that news wasn’t enough to get everyone excited, The Head Gardener has just released a …