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The Cube

News: Pepsi Experience #livefornow Southbank

If you happen to have been to London’s Southbank in the past few days you might be a bit miffed by the mysterious black cube that has appeared. Well, yesterday afternoon all was revealed; the black cube had a meaning, a purpose. So, what was this cube all about? What …



BFI celebrates best of Warp Records

The power of the music video should never be under-estimated. Since its birth in the late ‘70s, the typically 3-minute wonder has done marvels for the music industry, threatening at times to outshine the radio star.

In its wonderful 24 years of existence, Warp Records has accompanied its record releases …


jean gabin header copy

Working Class Hero to Godfather, Mr Jean Gabin at BFI Southbank

A forerunner of French cinema, Jean Gabin’s career is celebrated this May 2012 in BFI Southbank, London, with both silent films and the talkies featured. Starting with Jean Gabin: Anatomy of a Myth, on Wednesday May 2nd an introduction from season curator Ginette Vincendeau (a Film Professor in King’s …



For Foodies Only – The Markets of London

There are plenty of supermarkets around London, with plenty of offers, but sometimes you may find yourself bored of mundane food shopping – even in organic shops. I found myself in that position, so I began looking for food markets around London, which isn’t just a lovely outing for the …



Who did the soundtrack?

PrettyFresh and BFI Southbank have teamed up to bring a new regular event, Sonic Cinema, which will explore and celebrate moving image. The curators Tayo Popoola and Stuart Brown plan to use this opportunity to explore their own passion of how the two mediums work together, weather it be feature …