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Interview: Staygold

We interviewed Scandi producers Staygold  about their favourite new music, the apocalypse, and their brilliant track ‘Wallpaper’.

We don’t know much about you here in the UK apart from you’re producers for other people and artists in your own right. When did you start getting into music? 
We started making …



Album review: Spank Rock’s-Everything is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking Liar

The rap game’s a patient of modernity’s big therapy session. Each week, through a glossy medium, we attempt to rebuild and rehabilitate – willing these young men to lounge back on society’s big cushions while we slowly breakthrough their cliché Goldsmith personalities.  But like sociopaths, this group of young men …


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Interview: Spank Rock – Part 2

In the second part of our interview with Spank Rock, we find out more about the influences behind his new LP ‘Everything is Boring and Everyone’s a Fucking Liar’, why he chose to release it on his own label, and how he ended up becoming best friends with Amanda Blank



Exclusive Video: Spank Rock- DTF DADT

The b-side to the recently released ‘Energy’ single has gone and got itself a video, ‘DTF DADT‘ is a noise-heavy hip hop beat produced by Zeb Malik of Philadelphia’s psych/grunge band PO PO. First collaborating at Mad Decent’s Mausoleum studio, Naeem and Malik abandoned music production software …



Liverpool Sound City in review

Attracting a mix of local and international acts, Liverpool Sound City is becoming a bit of an annual ‘must do’ for indie lovers.



Spank Rock Has Live Date, New Single, and Album!

Kool Disco MC Spank Rock (Naeem Juwan) is readying the release of his sophomore album, Everything is Boring and Everyone is a Fucking Liar 26th September on Bad Blood Records. The album is set to be a departure from debut release Yoyoyoyoyo back in 2006, as the new release, although …


Photos By Morgan O'Donovan

Lovebox Announces New Arena

Lovebox, now in its ninth year after its conception in 2003, have announced today, 1st June, a new arena for the 2011 festival! The new arena will be called The Bacardi Get Together and will be the perfect place for you and few friends to sit and enjoy the festival …