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Introducing: Lovelife

Ex-pat RnB duo Lovelife (LVLF) certainly seem to have a lot going for them. Not only were the pair – comprised of Ally Young and Lee Newell – lucky enough to have the chance to relocate from London to NYC; they’ve since shared stages with St. Lucia and Notion favourites …



BOTW Download: St.Lucia

Well folks, it’s that time once again, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed bringing you St.Lucia, PlanetNotion’s BOTW. I hope you’ve enjoyed every single piece of it. But hey; here’s one last treat.
Taken from St.Lucia’s recent debut album release comes the South African’s first and second singles, ‘We Got It Wrong’ and …



BOTW Video: St.Lucia – All Eyes On You

Here it is folks; Thursday! And you know what that means, another PN BOTW video. Spawning from the recent release of St.Lucia’s debut album, ‘All Eyes On You’ his second single, brings that nostalgic 80s rhythm-enducing atmosphere right back into 2011. Y’know- the one we’ve all been longing for. Edged …



BOTW Interview: St.Lucia

It’s another Wednesday folks, and you know what that means: Our BOTW interview. Before his vacation in December, I was determined to get as much inside information on St.Lucia as I possibly could, what not with his recent release of his stunning debut album n’ all. Respectively, St.Lucia fitted PlanetNotion …



BOTW: St.Lucia – Mini Album Review

For our second day, PlanetNotion’s BOTW is St.Lucia. The name fits the music. It’s romantic. It’s uplifting. And it transports you to that perfect paradise we all seem to crave…
Born in South Africa, based in Brooklyn, this vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist is proud to share with us his debut …



Introducing our BOTW: St.Lucia

From growing up in the suburbs of Johannesburg to attending the famous Drakensberg Boys Choir School …this idyllic Harry Potter-esque music boarding school already helps puts him in the same category of writing class as Sir Paul McCartney. Travelling then across the UK and over the Atlantic where he would …



Free Download: St Lucia – All Eyes On You

The sound of St Lucia is the result of a receding, bleak, New York winter making way for those warm, summer days. Inspired by his homeland of South Africa, his journey around the UK and relocation to Brooklyn, St Lucia raises references to the likes of Temper Trap and Empire …