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Interview: Night Works

Night Works emerged this year with their track ‘I Tried So Hard‘, an experimental take on soulful RnB sounds – debuted alongside a mixtape. Since then, all that’s emerged from his social media outlets is another mixtape, a mix, a rough experimental clip, and only one other full



Film Review: Shame

Following their work on Hunger, anticipation was high for the next project from director Steve Mcqueen and actor Michael Fassbender. With the accolades rolling in for Shame and gossip already begun about the likelihood of Oscars, perhaps the anticipation was deserved.

Brandon (Fassbender) is a New York executive, who can’t …



Jacket Racket: A Barbour Tale

Barbour jackets, formerly championed only by farmers, hikers and the landed gentry have successfully re-branded and cracked the young market. They are now a solid part of the Shoreditch lookbook; fitting in perfectly with the area’s love affair with retro and ironic classics.

The jacket’s success is well-deserved; welcomingly providing …