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fish minis

Groomed: Fish Hairdressing

Founded in 1987, Fish hairdressing boasts over 25 years worth of experience and a clientele base as wide and eclectic as it’s products and style. Born out of a frustration at the snobbery of West End London salons, Fish was opened by Paul Burfoot in the premises of an old …



BEAUTIFY: Semisumo

Recently on Beautify, we’ve covered skincare, nail varnish, spas and even lipsticks and luminizers- but what about hair?

Semisumo, that’s what. Officially voted the coolest hair care brand this year, Bumble and bumble have released their newest must have product ‘semisumo’. It’s easy to see why it’s a must have- …


Jungle vs Tiki

Fashion Shoot: ALOHA!

Check out this cheeky shoot below for exotic summer wear inspiration. Bold, wild prints coupled with brilliant streaks of colour seem to keep ‘em keen. Investigate all your favourite retail clothing stores to seek some tropical florals. All you need to complete the look is a tequila sunrise and a …



Fashion Shoot: Prints Charming

Prints are back. Here’s a look as some fresh fabulousness from up-and-coming stylist Amy Hanson

Intro: Alix Blankson

Title: Prints Charming

Stylist: Amy Hanson

Photographer: Marc Hibbert

Model: Adeele @ Models1

Hair / Make up: Lucie Oliver

Assistant: Louise Barber



Joe Brummell #34 – Taylor Taylor

I think it might be the same for everyone, but there was a time when I thought I was the only person who had trouble finding a good hairdresser. Even if you do find one you like, usually (no more than a few appointments in) you call the salon, only …


The Fortune Of Loss: Fashion shoot.

‘The Fortune of Loss’ is shot by photography Adam Fussell, styled by Oliver Vaughn, Hair & Makeup by Yusra Uney and modelled by Anna @ Elite.

Dress – Hasan Hejazi (Archive)

Gorilla Coat – Katrina Ferrari, Dress – Beyond Retro, Belt – Joanne Hynes

Faux Fur Coat – Michael Kors, 



The Blouse, and How To Wear It

Having watched a whole series of The Rachel Zoe Project in one sitting I then spent an inordinate amount of time pondering her eponymous brand of hippie chic. From the outset it seemed her fashion formula was pretty simple; plenty of jewellery, voluminous clothes and of course a whippet-thin body.…