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News: Le coq sportif E C L A T

Vintage runners have made a big comeback, and le coq sportif have reissued their iconic 1985 model, E C L A T. The shoe has maintained it’s thick sole, with a plastic heel cap and a d-ring easy lacing system due to contrast plastic eyelets.The shoes come in a mixture …



Album Review: Dum Dum Girls – Too True

Dee Dee & co are back with Too True, their first full-length since 2011’s Only in Dreams. Coming off the back of two very different EPs in 2011’s He Gets Me High and its 2012 follow-up End of Daze, Too True continues to see Dum Dum Girls



Mind the Bump n’ Grind of Life with the Bumper Boot

Mind the bumps in life, with Universal Works new Bumper Boot. Bumper Boot is the first in a series of shoes based around the desert boot style. Produced by a small family company of highly skilled craftsmen in the traditional shoe making area of Porto, Northern Portugal. Bumper Boot is …


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PONY and Alfredo Gonzales delicious new hot dog design

PONY have teamed up with Alfredo Gonzales to create a finger-licking brand new shoe for their AW13 collection. The ‘Hot Dog’ shoe is the perfect name for this new design, and has all the characteristics of an actual hot dog; including sand coloured suede, a sausage pink inside topped with


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Oliver Sweeney release their statement new range of shoes

Oliver Sweeney’s new range of trainer’s see them experiment with materials from different industries, in order to create styles that make strong, bold statements. Each style is always hand crafted with fine details and intricacy that Sweeney is renowned for.

The Fontes has a real street wear vibe. After …



Lacoste launch their new range of footwear

When it comes to footwear, it is a human right to have good fitting, durable and stylish shoes. The new Lacoste Esential Design (L.E.D) encompasses all of this, plus a tactile mix of materials including soft leathers, plush suedes and hand-stictched details. The new range includes a luxurious use of …



Sweeney London launch new boots and shoes

When it comes to footwear for men, sometimes weighing up the pros and cons of a boot, trainer or loafer can be a stressful ordeal. However, for those not willing to compromise style for durability, or wanting something that is casual yet smart enough to wear on all occasions, Sweeney



News: Up and coming brand SOPOPULAR

Loosely drawing inspiration from Marlon Brando in The Wild One and Walter Hills, SOPOPULAR delves into the world of subcultures and visualising this through fashion. The collection of layered shirts, fitted trousers and blazers focuses around a muted palette of blacks, greys, forest greens and slices of deep purple. SOPOPULAR …



Introducing: Temples

Hailing from the Midlands, neo-psych four piece Temples has got everyone talking this year. With their big hair and an even bigger sound, the band has already supported Suede, Kasabian and The Vaccines on their recent arena tours; all off the back of a single release. Released by Heavenly Recordings



News: PUMA x Staple “Pigeon” Suede

In honor of PUMA Suede’s forty-fifth anniversary, PUMA is launching a series of special projects throughout the year. The first of many has just been announced: a collaboration with world-renowned streetwear brand Staple Design. Staple’s own iconic founder, jeffstaple, worked on the project himself, using suede that was made …