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Introducing: Butterclock

Berlin by-way-of Paris siren Butterclock – aka Laura Clock — gained recognition last year with her hypnotic vocals layered over oOoOO’s enchantingly skewed productions, including tracks ‘NoWayBack‘ and ‘Springs.’ 2013 promises even bigger things for Butterclock, as she prepares to drop her ‘First Prom’ EP …


Pinemarten 2012

New Tracks by Pinemarten

It’s been a really good few years for 80s-influenced synth pop.  Following in that vein and taking a lot of notes from Pet Shop Boys, pop producer Pinemarten of Derbyshire has recently been releasing music. His recent 4-track release Can’t Go Back Again garnered him some fans and was generally …



Introducing: Apollo Gets The Girl

Naming their primary influences as space and 80s film soundtracks, Glasgow’s Apollo Gets the Girl send spiralling synths careening over celestial skies. Theirs is a sound indebted to early naughties indietronica and mid-eighties synth-pop, with frontman Jack Violet having more than a whiff of Ben Gibbard about him.

Their debut …



Interview: The Presets

On the back of the release of their third album Pacifica last month, we caught up with Australian electronic duo The Presets to chat Beethoven, Dora the Explorer and their love of Sydney – warts and all…

First off, tell us a little bit about your new album Pacifica –



Introducing Our BOTW: Post War Years

Even though the current international political climate means that these are not technically ‘Post War Years’, the band of the same name like to keep it optimistic. Simon, Tom, Fred and Harry have apparently been around since 5th February 1845, making their band 167 years old – about the same …


Ms. Mr.

Introducing: Ms Mr

Pop music is, regardless of what you may think, one of the most complex and rewarding genres of music. Seriously. It’s not all Katy Perry or Girls Aloud, you know. But then you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know that, would you?

Anyway, pop music, not all bright and …



Remix: FOE ‘A Handsome Stranger Called Death’

Not too long ago we were raving to you about FOE’s smooth, punk hit, ‘A Handsome Stranger Called Death’, and now we have more fun FOE news for you. Just released 30th April were two innovative takes the dark, yet catchy tune. Collaborating with Maria Minerva and Com Truise, FOE …


gina factory

Introducing: Giana Factory

As band formats go, you could say we’re rather fond of the three-ladies-making-pop way of doing things. Cast your mind back to some of the great triumvirates of yore: The Supremes, Bananarama, Sugababes (versions 1 to 3) and, well, then there was Atomic Kitten too (version 2, at a stretch). …


Solomon & Finder - All I Need packshot

Solomon & Finder are All YOU Need, trust

A steady daring and foreboding electronic background note sets the pacey beat for this unexpectedly themed track. Solomon & Finder have created a 3 minute and 53 second love song of obscurity which can be likened to that of Ian Brown’s material. However this entry has a more synthesised, psychedelic …


beocming real

NEWSIC: Becoming real…Oh so real

I’m held in a wonderland of electronic suspense, atmospheric sound bites and a slow forward surge of the music before the beat drops. Not only is this song steadily yet energetically charged, it is also one catchy bugger! After the first few vocal inserts, you find your feet tappin’ and …