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Introducing: PORTLAND – ‘Deezy Daisy’

Fresh to the music scene, the delightfully pop induced French sensation, PORTLAND, are set to release their debut single, ‘Deezy Daisy’, next month. The track is a delicious mix of upbeat synths, breezy vocals and drums beats, carefully molded into a perfectly produced pop package, Martin Murer (synths …



New track: Clark – ‘Spur’

Clark has recently premiered his rework of Barker and Baumecker’s ‘Spur’. The track has surfaced ahead of the release of his forthcoming album, ‘Feast / Beast’, and features intense synths blended with Clark’s trademark kicks. ‘Spur’ is accompanied by a short animation by Brighton based surrealist animator, Cyriak – …


Goodbye Chanel

Introducing: Goodbye Chanel

‘Divine’ is the new track from Goodbye Chanel featuring Jaymz Dean. The song is lifted from Goodbye Chanel’s forthcoming EP ‘Through Night to Paradise‘. The track boasts a production of melancholic blues, coupled with a memorable pop melodies. The layered synths create an atmospheric and dreamlike backdrop for …



rROXYMORE reveals new tack ‘FltNordf’

I have been left in a hypnotic trance after listening to the new single, ‘FltNordf’ from Berlin’s rROXYMORE‘s upcoming EP ‘Precarious / Precious’. The song is a blend of hard hitting beats and chimes, all packaged together in a refreshingly uptempo track. It is a new take on …


x priest x promo photo

xPRIESTx debut ‘Samurai’

Our ears were just graced with a true pop delight from xPRIESTx‘s. The new single ‘Samurai’ sees Madeline Priest lend her vocals to a track provided by producers Chandler Strang and David Kazyk. Despite only forming in early 2013, this trio have surfaced from the sweltering heat of Florida …


Acid Washed

Album Review: Acid Washed – House of Melancholy

In 1938, Swiss scientist Albert Hoffman became the first man to synthesise acid (LSD, for any chemists out there). But in the process, he unintentionally absorbed tiny amounts through his fingertips, experiencing the dreamlike psychosis this powerful hallucinogenic induces. He later conducted a self-experiment with the deliberate intention of discovering …



Album Review: Postiljonen – Skyer

It’s been a while since I’ve done any writing primarily because I’ve been busy graduating (and therefore wallowing in a mental morass of fear and denial because I’m twenty-two and haven’t written a naïve yet compelling debut novel).  Anyway, now I’m bored of self-pity and watching daytime television so it’s …



Tusindfald land in the UK with new single ‘Kys’

Tusindfald are a new Danish band, that we have just fallen in love with. The lead single ‘Kys’, is lifted from their debut EP of the same title which is set for release on August 12th through Indelabel.

The shoegaze style of ‘Kys‘ is dreamy and so …



Album Review: Canyons – Keep Your Dreams

Canyons Ryan Grieve and Leo Thomsen from down under (Sydney) bring to us their much awaited debut album ‘Keep Your Dreams’ via Modular Records. Having heard a mixed bag of good and bad opinions, and having a wondering mind, I definitely couldn’t wait to fill my ears with opinionative …



Club Beat #25 Preview: Dancefair, The Place to Be

What does it take to be a professional DJ and producer? At Dancefair you can find answers to this question. You can talk with a wealth of industry professionals; learn about production, DJing, hardware and software; and attend seminars, workshops and expos. You can do all of this and more …