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Album Review: Califone – Stitches

Welcome to the landscape of StitchesCalifone usually make music in Chicago. This time they headed towards the West Coast. The product of this adventure is a musical ramble that stretches from the familiar, traditional twangs and slides of Appalachian folk to the ringing, synth-laden expanses of American deserts.…



BOTW Review: The Flight – Hangman EP

It’s certainly been interesting to see how across the course of the last few years, as music has continued to be consumed in evermore bite-size portions – thanks in no small amount to the ongoing embracing of digital formats, rather than physical albums – concept records have seen a healthy …



Introducing our BOTW: The Flight

In an age where music is consumed in ever-smaller, more digestible, mp3-sized chunks, it’s always wonderful to see an act attach a little more ‘concept’ to their records. East London duo, The Flight – comprised of producers Joe Henson and Alexis Smith – have done this in spades on their …



Video: The Flight – Hangman

As we make quantum leaps further and further into a digital age that’s seeing the idea of the album as a conceptual work of art hacked apart by MP3 singles and the ability to download individual tracks as you please, it’s always refreshing to see an act tying their music …



Interview: Phantogram

Having just released their latest EP, Nightlife we were keen to chat to the lovely New York based, electro-rock duo Phantogram. With Wayne Coyne in their phonebook and touring with the likes of The Antlers & The XX, you can check out our quick fire interview with the pair below.



Interview: The Antlers

If you didn’t know by our review Burst Apart, the new album from The Antlers, we absolutely love it! We’ve had it playing on loop at the office, and it’s been the soundtrack to many a greyer days of ours, which meant we were very excited when we got a



Øya Festival And Panta Rhei Project World Premier

The Øya Festival announced today that it will play host, along with Panta Rhei Project, to the world premier of The Bell Laboratory by electronic producer Pantha Du Prince and composer Lars Petter Hagen. Pantha Du Prince was inspired to do the piece during a vist to Oslo last summer, …



Review: Antlers – ‘Burst Apart’

After the critical acclaim that 2009′s Hospice received, The Antlers had a lot to live up to for their fourth studio album, Burst Apart. The once solo project of Peter Silberman, until in became a threesome, with additions Michael Lerner and Darby Cicci. The trio hail from hotbed Brookyln, …