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Moodboard: Kove

Sussex born Kove first became interested in music production in 2006.  Over the course of the following years he honed his skills, producing an electro-pop band before embarking on an adventure into dance music. His introduction came in 2010, after being invited to watch Brookes Brothers in 2010. Enthralled by …



Interview: Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett is a woman who doesn’t mince her words. She’s a natural storyteller with literal lyrics consisting of day-to-day observations about gardening accidents, masturbation and the people she meets along the way.

At just 25-years-old, she’s forging an independent, self-sufficient path in many ways; starting her own record label



Meet our BOTW: Ariana and the Rose

New York’s Ariana DiLorenzo is a women of many, many talents. From acting onstage in experimental theatre troupes and onscreen with a cameo in The Sopranos to popping up in Paul McCartney videos and partying with Lady Gaga, and all the while making amazing pop records with Ariana and the



Guest Playlist: Robert DeLong

First coming to wider attention earlier this year with the indie disco-friendly throb of breakout single ‘Global Concepts‘, it’s been intriguing to watch the rise of Seattle’s Robert DeLong in 2013. Toeing a fine line between mid-noughties indietronica and more club-ready sounds, DeLong’s had a whirlwind year with



Moodboard: Portugal. The Man

To celebrate the release of their wonderfully eclectic seventh (!) album Evil Friends this month, we asked Alaskan five-piece Portugal. The Man just what it is that goes into their multifarious concoction of electro and indie rock. It’s a list that runs the gamut from Pink Floyd‘s seminal Dark



Album Review: Califone – Stitches

Welcome to the landscape of StitchesCalifone usually make music in Chicago. This time they headed towards the West Coast. The product of this adventure is a musical ramble that stretches from the familiar, traditional twangs and slides of Appalachian folk to the ringing, synth-laden expanses of American deserts.…



Introducing: Aloa Input

Aloa Input, a three-piece consisting of Cico Beck (aka Joasihno), Marcus Grassl and Florian Kreier, are the latest signings to Morr Music. The trio have an obnoxious love for all kinds of input; Animal Collective, Beck, The Beatles and Ennio Morricone. Their debut full-length album, Anysome, presents …



Album Premiere: Bird Call – Will We Get to Mars?

When you consider it from a literal standpoint, the moniker Bird Call has implications of falseness, of being led astray. After all, a bird call itself is only an imitation of the creature’s authentic song. In the case of New Yorker Chiara Angelicola though, that couldn’t be further from the



BOTW Video: Outfit – ‘I Want What’s Best’

There’s something very unsettling about Liverpudlian five-piece Outfit‘s recently released video for Performance single ‘I Want What’s Best‘, but look a little closer and it can be quite the opposite. The clip, which follows a day spent with a recovering heroin addict, John, who earns a living …



News: Ziad Ghanem SS14 menswear collection

London-based designer Ziad Ghanem is not one for inconspicuous clothing, and he is extremely vocal about this. For instance, when interviewed by Kaltblut Ghanem claimed, “I want my clothes to scream loud: love me, love me, love me!” His SS14 menswear collection does not let his flamboyant reputation down either, …