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The Hautelist #23: Blue Velvet Boots

Blue velvet boots

Forget blue suede shoes, from go-with-everything everyday boots to cab-to-party show-stopping numbers, this season it’s all about blue velvet boots.  And yes, the‘don’t step on them’ rule still very much applies.  Here are the hautest of the haute… 

True blue

 Ankle boots are nothing new, but this …


Finders Keepers dress

The Hautelist #22: Aussie style

Unless you’re a GAP year brat, when someone mentions Australia your thought process probably goes a little something like this…Neighbours…Kylie…Kylie & Jason…Rolf Harris… boomerangs…that night in the Walkabout bar you’d rather forget….

Despite Sass&Bide showing in London every season, there’s still a general consensus amongst us Brits that Aussies …



The Hautelist # 21 Brand focus: Schott

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say Schott to you?  Rude boys in two-tonne varsity jackets, right?  Same here!  But it turns out that there’s a lot more up Schott’s super-padded sleeves then just what you see in JD sports.  The company has been making leather …


la perla

The Hautelist #20: Undies

Oh joy behold!  It’s official, the public have spoken and thongs, g-strings and all those other fancy-pants are on their way out.  Earlier this week it was reported that sales in thongs have dropped 17% and are now worth just 25% of the market, which means that the other 75% …



The Hautelist #19: Peace Jewellery

Modest as we are here at The Hautelist HQ, we always secretly suspected that our influence on society ran both broad and deep.  However, two weeks ago when we claimed trainers were the Hautest item of the week, we never could have predicted that this was going to prompt waves …


Red Carpet

The Hautelist # 13: Red Carpet Dos and Don’ts

The red carpet – that wool nylon mix which can make or break a million dollar career in a matter of minutes.  The nearest most of us plebs will ever get to this pinnacle of glamour is a posh wedding – where we diet and preen in an attempt to …


Hydrangea Blossoms

The Hautelist #11 — Floral Shoes

When it comes to shoes there’s no denying that chunky, clompy, and colour-pop are the prevailing trends of the moment.  However, Nicholas Kirkwood’s classic, feminine, slender-heeled rose print platform courts have broken free and captured everyone’s hearts.  What’s more, they’ve sparked a floral footwear frenzy – here are our favourites.…



The Hautelist #10: Royal Wedding Special

Bandwagon jumping?  Us?  Ok, so maybe just a teensy bit, but who can blame us – every press release we’ve been sent for the past 6 months has been laced with some kind of tenuous Royal wedding link, and although Mr Fashion Ed has strictly banned us from any Royalist …



The Hautelist #8: Wedges

I’ll never forget my first encounter with wedges; the shoe, not the potato snack…although strangely I could probably recount my first encounter with them too.  Anyway, it was some point in the mid-nineties.  The Spice girls were at the height of their fame, and I along with my best friend …