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Patterns’ Top 10 Icons of the ’80s

Take a listen to ‘Sunny Days‘, the latest single from Costa Rican synth-pop foursome Patterns, and what’s the first thing you think of? Why it’s the 1980s, of course. Those slick, arpeggiating synths, liquid vocals and exuberant hand-claps just scream sunset rides in vintage convertibles along Miami



BOTW Playlist: Alex Barck

We’ve spent a lot of the last week ranting about how Jazzanova founder and Sonar Kollektiv A&R manager, Alex Barck, draws upon an eclectic, dazzling array of influences. Something that’s made abundantly clear by his diverse yet well-rounded debut solo album, Reunion. Well, stubborn mules that we are, we



Pop Girls Takeover Interview: Chlöe Howl

There haven’t been many young voices in the pop that have spent more time gracing our office speakers this year than fresh-faced songstress Chlöe Howl. Her witty, Brit-centric songs of village hall make-out sessions and the more awkward, less publicised side of youth today have been gaining plaudits in



BOTW Playlist: Outfit

With their much-anticipated debut album, Performance, out this week on Double Denim, Liverpudlian five-piece Outfit put together a guest playlist for us based around the connotations of the record’s title: Performance. Watch and read on for vintage Jim Carrey stand-up, the ‘worst band ever’ (though they’re probably not),



Interview: Sonny Smith

Sonny & the Sunsets‘ latest album, the new wave-infused Antenna to the Afterworld, feels like a stark departure from the group’s previous outing, 2012′s Longtime Companion. Rooted in the sci-fi literary influences and beat poets that informed band leader Sonny Smith‘s childhood, it’s a whirlwind post-punk


Funeral Suits

Introducing: Funeral Suits

Funeral Suits may not be the cheeriest band name you’ve ever heard (it’s not exactly Yeah Yeah Yeahs is it?), but they’re not quite the morose introverts their name suggests.

The four piece band from Ireland make the kind of music White Lies or Editors would make if they went …



Do You Remember Where You Were When… #2

This week, @lkmrgnbrttn likens his most disliked pop culture telly programme, The Voice, to the meat market that is Take Me Out (FYI, Notion agrees with the latter opinion, and disagrees with the former because it’s SUCH GOOD telly). Luke reminds us that The Smiths might well be reforming (which



Review: Chapel Club – Surfacing

There is nothing more frustrating than the rigid constraints of categorical laziness deployed by ignorant pigeon-arse-holers. I never understand why some people insist The Smiths are perpetually miserable – I find them uplifting, deliciously witty, but tinged with melancholy. Dalston-based five piece Chapel Club have been bestowed with the descriptive …