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Can Someone Tell will.i.am it’s Not the Future

2014 has well and truly begun. The inundation of all things that scream NEW YEAR have completed their monotonous cycles; from the habitual moans of struggling through dry January to the final dissipation of Ones to Watch lists. And of course, the start of a new series of mainstream searching …


David S11

Interview: David Stewart

David Stewart is West London’s finest new talent. The singer, songwriter and record producer has already worked with top British artists such as Ed Sheeran, Yasmin and Wretch 32; which inevitably seduced him into pursuing his own solo career. We caught up with David, and here is what happened…



VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: Bo Bruce – ‘The Fall’

Today, we’re delighted to bring you the new video from The Voice runner-up and all-round folky firebrand Bo Bruce, ‘The Fall’. Sounding somewhere in between Florence and Bat for Lashes, ‘The Fall’ builds gracefully from resonant, piano-led introversion to a huge crescendo ripe with pining, sustained strings and lush …


pop musik header

Pop Musik #2

Our fave pop music fanatic is back! Columnist @JackDMurphy proves that last week’s prediction about Adele v2.0 (AKA Leanne Mitchell) was correct, draws our eye to yet another case of Simon Cowell being financially frivolous, and gives his opinion on all the Azealia drama.

I don’t like to say …



Pop Musik #1

Fabulous blogger Jack Murphy explores this week’s goings on in the UK Top 40. 

It’s been a busy week in music this week, choc-full of new releases, leaks and new videos…

The first new video to come to my attention this past week was Florence + the Machine’s video …



Do You Remember Where You Were When… #2

This week, @lkmrgnbrttn likens his most disliked pop culture telly programme, The Voice, to the meat market that is Take Me Out (FYI, Notion agrees with the latter opinion, and disagrees with the former because it’s SUCH GOOD telly). Luke reminds us that The Smiths might well be reforming (which



SS12: The Voice

The summer of London’s 2012 Olympics is not long upon us. For the dwellers in London, July and August’s forthcoming games seem like a haze of downright hassle – too many people, hotter and even fuller tube rides, longer queues (my stomach is churning).  No, at Notion we are not …



Interview: Nerina Pallot


Nerina Pallot’s Put Your Hands Up is, hands down (pun partially-intended), one of this year’s best singles. Don’t argue, Planet Notion is unanimous in that. And to continue a promotion-heavy few months in support of the song’s parent album, Year of the Wolf, Nerina is currently