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in the woods

Review: In The Woods

I was making my way through a field somewhere in Kent, following the sound of music towards the festival’s eponymous woods, when I first saw the hog. It was a big, broad-shouldered beast covered from tail to snout in what looked like butter, but I think it was the thick …



Interview: Three Trapped Tigers’ Matt Calvert Goes Solo

Three Trapped Tigers are a hard act to follow, and when you’ve spent four years mixing electronic soundscapes of epic proportions, touring countries and being mentioned on every music blog worth their salt, your next course of action isn’t always obvious. But TTT writer and producer Matt Calvert seems to



Kicker Conspiracy Presents: Actress (Live)

Holy crap! Actress is playing live (LIVE!) next month at the Kicker Conspiracy party. Did I mentioned it’s live? LIVE! This is almost as rare as Theo Parrish using a laptop, well not quite that far, though his live sets are few and far between. Actually I feel the need …