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Shoot: Touch of Music

Freedom of expression is a universal human right. These two East London guys, Jerome Thomas, a singer/songwriter, and Chr1s Love, a producer/DJ, have surely utilised this right very effectively! Applying it to their unique music and fashion style, they’ve basically created their own genre, dubbed FOE (Freedom of Expression/Fusion of …


Naughty Boy

Interview: Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy is one of the UK’s most entertaining new talents. His number one single ‘La La La’, has clocked up over 47 million views on YouTube, and is the biggest selling single by a British artist this year. After taking a not so conventional route into the



Winter Training from JD

As the winter months close in, the search for semi-practical footwear begins. Summer’s lightweight canvas shoes go back under the bed, replaced by a more practical trainer. That’s where these beauties come in: the Timberland Earthkeeper Leather Chukka’ is stocked exclusively at JD, and comes in Timberland’s original shade wheat, …