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Video Premiere: Tinchy Stryder – ‘Misunderstood’

How many times have you heard calls for grime being back? Sure, there were high’s – Lethal Bizzle had ‘Pow’, JME has a load of followers on twitter, and Dizzee Rascal released one of the greatest debut albums to come out of the UK. Yet amid these brief moments of …


19 rascals

Tips for 2013 Advent #16: Rascals

Majors are constantly signing up their share in the talented UK grime scene; as well as Amplify Dot, EMI have adopted Bow’s own Rascals. Shizz, Tempz, Merkz, and Kay Willz are clearly quite into the letter ‘z’, and despite still being in their late teens they started this whole …



Tinchy Stryder joins in on the Peace Mix project

Ghanaian musician Tinchy Stryder has recently joined hip hop duo and Notion Magazine cover stars Rizzle Kicks in his support for the Big Lottery Fund’s Peace Mix project, a music competition which encourages peace among young people through musical expression. Following through with his belief in the ability of music …



Tinchy Stryder and J D Sports – a match made in heaven

If Smash Hits was still around it’s highly probable that they’d refer to Tinchy Stryder as ‘the smallest man in pop’. Small he may be, but he’s achieving big things. Not only has he just released his third album, Third Strike, but JD Sports has just begun stocking his Star …



Now Playing: Some Brilliant Bands!

We all love Spotify, right? Well streaming music  is going all IRL, with a series of rather brilliantly-curated gigs under the ‘Now Playing’ banner to celebrate that Spotify is now available on 3 Mobile.

First up is tomorrow’s event (October 28th), where the Now Playing team will be taking over …